Photo credits – Andrea Salustri


What if all objects were conscious, but unable to move or speak?  How can they be helped to communicate what they have to tell?

Benjamin moves and manipulates his body and other objects into fleeting abstract sculptures. His latest solo piece creates a performance of dynamic images, floating in space and growing from the floor.

Each object has its own unique qualities, properties, and behaviours.  These parameters determine the object’s language, which serves as a point of departure for the physicality and atmosphere in a scene. A wine glass is fragile , a wooden block is angular, and a stone is heavy.

Through his juggling, his movement and his presence, Benjamin reveals what the objects have to tell. The choreographies are conversations between a human being and his surroundings.

Watching TAKTiL is like walking through a living art gallery - each picture, sculpture, or moment is treated with respect and highlighted for the best possible viewing experience.  It is full of humour without trying to be funny and poetic without trying to be serious.

photo credits – Andrea Salustri