Benjamin supports aspiring and seasoned professionals in artistic processes with choreography, stage presence, movement technique and TLO. 

Here are some words from people i have helped on their way :

In a calm state of being, Ben is able to give great guidance that leads to a clearer intention.

  1. -Guillaum Karpowicz

Ben's teaching is calm and detailed. He has the ability to expose the areas outside of juggling that are related and relevant to juggling in a very useful way.

-Erik Åberg

Ben’s teaching has been a huge influence on my juggling. What I learned from from him about shifting my weight to motivate a throw or movement has helped me in all the juggling I’m made since then!

  1. -Wes Peden

The use of methods I had not been exposed to before I met Benjamin helped me open up new ways to practice, choreograph, and be aware of the details in juggling. His classes also gave me a better understanding about my body and the way I move.

- Patrick Elmnert

Benjamin Richter has been a very important teacher in my development as a professional performer. Ben has taught very much on how to be a juggler working with dance and movement and the meeting between the different techniques. Ben has very much taught me about presence. They way he is present as a teacher in the studio, but also as a performer on stage, has helped me very much in understanding how to be sincere and ”real” in my work. By guiding me towards a greater awareness of my practice and my artistic choices, Ben has had a great impact on my maturity as a creative juggler, dancer and performer.

- Viktor Gyllenberg

Ben has been a huge help during my studies. He has not only helped me to become a better juggler, he has helped me to gain confidence, learn how to work with your whole body and how to use your mind to work with you. His knowledge in juggling, dance, theatre and life is a killer combination that doesn´t seem to have any limits in helping people to fulfill their dreams! 

-Nelli Kujansivu

Ben is a juggler with the truly unique passion for both body and object with the special feature of the body and objects being of  equal  importance.  Having him as a teacher helped me realize the importance our body has for juggling and develop my own relationship to it, which has helped me to become a much more truthful artist.

  1. -Emil Dahl