What do you want object?

How do you want to move? 

How can this body help you?

How do you move me?

In this performance about tactillity, Benjamin playfully manipulates objects into fleeting abstract sculptures floating in the air and growing from the floor.

Six white wooden blocks define the space and create an ever changing sense of structure.  Each object has its own unique qualities, properties, and behaviours which make up it’s language. A wine glass is fragile and clear, a stone rolls and is heavy and a piece of rope swings, curls and hangs.  The human moves them and is moved by them, revealing what the objects have to tell.

In the space between improvisation and choreogrphy, TAKTiL is a physical conversation between a human being and his surroundings.

Watching TAKTiL is like being in a living art gallery - each picture, sculpture, or moment is treated with respect and shared generously with the onlooker.

TAKTiL is full of humour without trying to be funny and poetic without trying to be serious.

Running time : anything between 10 minutes and 4 hours depending on setting and context.