Benjamin Richter has been juggling, dancing, performing and teaching professionally since 1991.   Working between contemporary circus, live art and abstract

sculpture performance he has toured the world with solo and ensemble projects.

Over the last decades, Benjamin has studied many somatic practices as well as countless styles of movement, dance and theatre, always looking to give form to and enrich his own unique expression of creative spirit.

Benjamin creates, choreographs, performs and teaches with his personal object oriented practice “The Language of Objects” (TLO).  He has a particular interest in improvisation and instant composition. As well as continuing to perform, he is a regular guest lecturer, course leader and supervisor at DOCH in Stockholm and teaches workshops worldwide.

Benjamin has a strong interest in the complementary aspects of academic study and artistic expression. His personal artistic research is concerned with a human physical expression of object oriented ontology. 

Benjamin directed “Stehfleisch & Sitzvermögen” by german company “Spot the Drop”, co-directed “The Moon Illusion” by award winning Danish company “Rapid Eye” as well as “Tunnel” by Maleta company and Wes Peden’s  solo piece “Zebra”.  He was a consultant for John-Paul Zaccarini’s performance work “Head” and worked as an outside eye and movement coach for “Critical Mess”.

He lives with his wife and son in Berlin.